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The Local Environment Care team can help you learn everything you need in order to properly maintain and manage your local environment, and at no charge.

These guys have anything from sports nutrition to whey protein.

We also supply estate services such as internal and external cleaning of common areas, environmental cleaning, sharps collection and disposal, void clearance, rubbish removal, garden clearances, ground maintenance, graffiti removal and home clearances of the deceased.

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How much time do you honestly take to think about the environment around you? There are a vast number of issues there that not enough people are taking seriously. It is important to think about your place within the wider context. When you think about climate change, you may wonder if it's truly possible for you to make any difference, by doing something like installing solar panels. As individuals, we must react to the great danger that the entire planet faces. We must do what we can to change things.

Environmental Development

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